An Adventure In Old Home Recovery

August 18th Update

Project day recap:
A very long day of driving started at 9am to Connecticut. We picked up a dozen plastic 48″x40″ pallets that I plan to use as a raised floor in the basement once the construction is done.
Had “Steamed Cheeseburger” lunches at a local restaurant, then headed north into Massachusetts to pick up three sets of scaffolding to assist in repairs on the house.
Then the drive to Liberty to drop off said items at the house. Once done, traveled to Kingston to drop off the trailer kindly lent by Heather and Gregg, and have dinner before heading home to Highland. Of course the day of driving was interspersed with torrential downpours causing major slow down of traffic, but we made it fine.
No actual work was done at the Liberty house today, but important items were picked up for future work.
Almost 500 miles traveled today. Another epic adventure done. Next one coming up soon!
Who will be available next weekend? More to be done, and we’d love the company!