An Adventure In Old Home Recovery


This is the page dedicated to the Basement of the Victorian building.

November 4th Update

Sunday Project Update: Today was a sick day for me. I really do get disoriented by the time change, and with not getting home until 2 am which was 1 am after a long day working in Liberty, I just couldn’t. Plus the added benefit of hitting my toe wrong just made facing the day […]

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October 12th Update

Thursday’s Project Update: Busy day for the Liberty Belle. I was able to schedule the electricians to come back in to wire the house. When the joists were installed, all of the wires were removed from the new box and some had to be cut in order to work safely. So they basically had to […]

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October 9th Update

Basement lockdown update: Went back to Liberty after work too check on the sump pump. Everything was quiet, and the hose was still in place. When I left for work, there was almost a half inch of standing water on half of the floor. When I got back, it was mostly dry. That single dehumidifier […]

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October 8th Update

Went to the Liberty house this morning to lockdown the basement. Good thing I did because the sump pump hose popped out of the sewer drain and was flooding the basement. At least I caught it before the whole place was under water. I have a bungee cord holding it in place now. Set up […]

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October 7th Update

A great weekend working on the house! The Grand Old Dame has an entirely new support system of joists and girders, and new sub flooring for the two floors we just couldn’t save. Today was the dirty, but satisfying job of oiling her up. (Heh) Added a coat of linseed oil to the wood and […]

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October 6th Update

Project Joists Conclusion: The contractor team finished today. All the joists, and the sub flooring is in place. We can walk over all the floors on the first level without worry of falling through anymore. The cabinets in the kitchen appear to have been glued together since I can’t find any visible screws holding them […]

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October 5th Update

Project Joists update: Holy Hera. As predicted, two rooms worth of floors had to be removed. Literally. The dry rot, real rot, and flooring damage was not able to be salvaged. But, by the Gods, this contracting team went all gangbusters on it, and the house is still standing! Even without a main girder to […]

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October 3rd Update

Project update: Last week was measuring the space in the attic, so not much to report there. Today however, the wait is over. The joists and girder replacement has begun! After fighting for several weeks with multiple banks for a loan, the funds are in place and the work started in the back of the […]

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Water Meter Installed!

Unexpected update: The water meter has been installed at the house! I think it was done this past Saturday while we were at EK50.

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First Photos – Basement

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