An Adventure In Old Home Recovery

2nd Floor

This is the page dedicated to the 2nd Floor of the Victorian building.

September 16th Update

Back Porch Fix recap: I’m going to take this moment to thank the people who were able to come over and help us with such an overwhelmingly daunting task, namely Catherine, Constantine, Marius, and Winna. I thank Æsa as well for her part in this crazy adventure. After breakfast at Floyd & Bobo’s, we picked […]

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August 9th Update

Project day six: It’s like I’m documenting something big here. Went to the Post Office in Highland to pick up the boxes that they refuse to deliver to my house now that it is on a “Private Road”, since my neighbor put his last name on the driveway. Got all the stuff, and went to […]

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August 6th Update

Project day three: Started off driving to Lagrangeville to get 6 buckets full of free fill to be able to fix the grading around the foundation of the house. We’re going to need a ton more, so if anyone has any to spare, let me know! The weather was brutal today. So hot and humid. […]

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July 29th Update

My latest WTFH moment: discovering that before the travesty of the tacky yellow wallpaper and after the pink abomination, layers the cracks in the plaster were disguised to the casual eye by painting over a layer of plain paper affixed to the wall to mask the symptoms instead of addressing the cause. Seriously, who the […]

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July 22nd Update

Æsa Sturludottir states, “The pink must die”, and “There’s a wall under there!”, and “Knocking some of the peeling paint and plaster free.”

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