An Adventure In Old Home Recovery

This is the page dedicated to the General Postings for the Victorian building.

Housewarming Gift

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October 15th Update

Monday morning project update: We have internet again! A 15 minute fix for the coaxial cable that was cut during the joists replacement was done today. I also closed all the windows that I could in the house to start keeping some warmth in. There’s a light rain today, but luckily no seepage in the […]

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October 14th Update

Sunday afternoon project update: Well, today wasn’t that good of a day. The maple hardwood flooring that we were going to get had already been sold. It was enough to cover both floors for $100.00, but we were too slow to catch it. Also, the pellet stove we were going to get was sold before […]

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September 15th Update

Project day recap: Went to Liberty today and checked all the measurements. We mathed the bejeesus out of it, and then kept going. Drove to Home Depot and picked up most of all the things. That took hours to do since we had to find the wood, choose the least crappy of the wood we […]

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September 4th Update

Massive Project Update: Friday. I went to the Liberty house and did all the measuring I could throughout the building. The result is to know every width of molding, window, door, wall, and everything to the inch so that we can plan out where to put all the things! I was able to get everything […]

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August 31st Update

It has been a quiet couple of weeks regarding this project, but that doesn’t mean that they have not been eventful. While waiting for the contractor to start the joists and girder project, we’ve been working on the Highland house to clean up the wreckage of the car port that was destroyed last November. It’s […]

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August 18th Update

Project day recap: A very long day of driving started at 9am to Connecticut. We picked up a dozen plastic 48″x40″ pallets that I plan to use as a raised floor in the basement once the construction is done. Had “Steamed Cheeseburger” lunches at a local restaurant, then headed north into Massachusetts to pick up […]

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August 17th Update

Project day recap: ADT was installed today. The house is now secured and I can leave some windows open to let the place breathe. This is a good thing. The smoke detectors in the house that are hard wired were not part of the security system. The agent said it would be wise to upgrade […]

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August 9th Update

Project day six: It’s like I’m documenting something big here. Went to the Post Office in Highland to pick up the boxes that they refuse to deliver to my house now that it is on a “Private Road”, since my neighbor put his last name on the driveway. Got all the stuff, and went to […]

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August 3rd Update

First day recap: We mapped out the first floor electric to all of the breakers we could. The living room, main hallway, and dining room are all on one breaker. When the electricians come back, we’re going to see about separating those. The outlets in the Parlor are live. The outlet in the half bath […]

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