An Adventure In Old Home Recovery

Dining Room

This is the page dedicated to the Dining Room of the Victorian building.

November 3rd Update

Saturday Project Update: Today was a day filled with a mix of emotions. The guy we have installing the furnace won’t run the propane pipes needed in the house, and the propane company said they couldn’t run the pipes in the house for a few weeks, we called a third company to come in an […]

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October 31st Update

Wednesday Night Project Update: I did not make it to the Liberty house, but Æsa did. She gave out candy to around two dozen children, without decorating the house. Next year we’ll do the holiday right. She also did the first of many polyurethane coatings on the floors. She’s doing amazing work on this part […]

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October 30th Update

Tuesday Night Project Update: The stain used on the floor was a two step system, so Æsa and I went over to the house after work tonight to wipe up the excess stain before she could clear coat it with the polyurethane sealant. Honestly, she had most of it wiped off by the time I got there. […]

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October 28th Update

Sunday Project Update: Æsa went to the Liberty house today and rocked the casbah with the staining of the floors. I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. She also checked the attic and didn’t see any fresh leaks, so maybe the foam sealing did the trick!

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October 26th Update

Friday Project Post: For our date day, Æsa and I were gifted with some materials to help with building the Liberty house, some pieces of furniture, and we were able to help clean up a garage where all those items were stored. Then we went to Liberty to finish up the paper flooring. We closed the pocket […]

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October 22nd Update

Quick update: We’re still working on the floors in the living room and the dining room. We were able to finish the edging around both tonight. Added a picture of what the floor will look like when dry, prior to the staining. More to come. Now, sleep.

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October 6th Update

Project Joists Conclusion: The contractor team finished today. All the joists, and the sub flooring is in place. We can walk over all the floors on the first level without worry of falling through anymore. The cabinets in the kitchen appear to have been glued together since I can’t find any visible screws holding them […]

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August 4th Update

Second day recap: Started with an adventure up into the “wilds of upstate” known as near the Ashokan Reservoir to pick up a heavy duty scaffold in order to do more work on the house. Then we drove to Liberty with the thing strapped to the top of the car and took the scenic route […]

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First Photos – Dining Room

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