An Adventure In Old Home Recovery


This is the page dedicated to the Kitchen of the Victorian building.

November 3rd Update

Saturday Project Update: Today was a day filled with a mix of emotions. The guy we have installing the furnace won’t run the propane pipes needed in the house, and the propane company said they couldn’t run the pipes in the house for a few weeks, we called a third company to come in an […]

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October 23rd Update

Tuesday Update: New Furnace has been successfully delivered. Only the exhaust vent was dented in the process. It now waits patiently to be installed. Plumbing may also get done in the next week. Propane is being scheduled as soon as possible, but that may take a few weeks. Electrical is still in the works, they […]

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October 5th Update

Project Joists update: Holy Hera. As predicted, two rooms worth of floors had to be removed. Literally. The dry rot, real rot, and flooring damage was not able to be salvaged. But, by the Gods, this contracting team went all gangbusters on it, and the house is still standing! Even without a main girder to […]

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September 4th Update

Massive Project Update: Friday. I went to the Liberty house and did all the measuring I could throughout the building. The result is to know every width of molding, window, door, wall, and everything to the inch so that we can plan out where to put all the things! I was able to get everything […]

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August 8th Update

Project day five: First part of the morning was meeting with Anthony to get a more solid look at the joists and girder situation and talk about scheduling the work. He was very impressed with the amount of work we have already done with the house, including the front porch steps and remediation work on […]

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August 7th Update

Project day four: Started with a trip to Jiffy Lube to get the oil changed in both cars. Not necessarily part of the house project, but it gets us there to do the work. Then we went to Home Depot to get more things for fixing up the house. Finally arrived in Liberty, I built […]

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August 4th Update

Second day recap: Started with an adventure up into the “wilds of upstate” known as near the Ashokan Reservoir to pick up a heavy duty scaffold in order to do more work on the house. Then we drove to Liberty with the thing strapped to the top of the car and took the scenic route […]

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July 28th Update

There is a Corvid or two that notes when I arrive at the house each time. I hear them cawing to each other. The front stairs are fixed. Back in place with three support columns on a concrete base. Only the side rails need to be put back on. That’s on the docket for next […]

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July 20th Update

The day’s events: Picked up some more stuff needed from Dollar Tree and the local ACE Hardware. Went to the Town Hall and figured out the list of Permits I’ll need to get things done. The Yard Maintenance team showed up and did the requested work on the property. It really looks good now. I […]

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July 15th Update

Mad props go out to Winna Spring and Marius Rex for getting the carpet up without going into the basement! More stripping by yours truly [Æsa] in the kitchen using the Safe Strip from Blaze O’Rama. This stuff is the bomb! Still a way to go, but this was less difficult than last time.

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