An Adventure In Old Home Recovery

August 17th Update

Project day recap:
ADT was installed today. The house is now secured and I can leave some windows open to let the place breathe. This is a good thing.
The smoke detectors in the house that are hard wired were not part of the security system. The agent said it would be wise to upgrade them since they are 2005 models, but should be left in the house.
The old system keypad was removed, and the dozen or so screws that held it to the wall are gone. We’ll need to spackle some of that.
I got most of the downstairs first floor measured to note placement of windows and doors to start mapping out where we will be putting furniture.
Tried to link this Facebook group to the
website. In order to do that, the directions said the group had to be public. You may have received a notification that I changed the privacy settings. Anyone can now see the contents, but the posts have to be approved by the admins. I think.
Created a Facebook page for this project as well, to try and link things. I’d rather write one update and have the website update as well. I may have to post to the website and have it push to here instead. Stay tuned!
Picked up the online order at Home Depot, then headed home.
Found on Facebook Marketplace several gargoyles being sold. Went and picked them up tonight. The house will have protectors placed along the balconies when ready!
Now, sleep. More to do tomorrow, weather willing!