An Adventure In Old Home Recovery

August 9th Update

Project day six:

It’s like I’m documenting something big here.

Went to the Post Office in Highland to pick up the boxes that they refuse to deliver to my house now that it is on a “Private Road”, since my neighbor put his last name on the driveway. Got all the stuff, and went to Liberty.

There we did a day of cleaning. I vacuumed up most of the 2nd floor, and wiped down several of the doors with Lysol to clean off all the contact mold. Æsa cleaned up the Kitchen and scraped some more paint off of the door frames.

In order to get Spectrum services installed today, we needed electric in the second floor. So I disconnected the multiple smoke detectors on the 2nd floor so I could turn on the breaker and not hear them screaming. Well, the 1st floor hallway smoke detector is on three same breaker, so I had to take that one down as well. Turns out none of the sockets on the 2nd floor are active through the breakers currently in the box. One plug in the Tiger room is live, but we don’t know which of the other breakers its tied to.

The mapping of the electric will have to wait until after the joists are replaced and the wiring finished in the basement.

Spectrum installed all three services to the house: TV, Phone and Internet. We have Wi-Fi!

Anthony stopped by to let us know that paperwork is in progress and he’ll let us know when it’s ready. He also said that the entire town loves this house and are apparently excited to see it repaired.

On the way home, Town of Lloyd Police called me and left a message to call when I could. I waited until I got home to call. Turns out that one of the packages the Post Office gave me was for my neighbor. You know, the same neighbor that put his name on my driveway? Yes, that one. He called the police on me since the Post Office gave me the wrong package. I told Officer Day that, yes in fact I realized that I was given the wrong package and was planning to drop it off on my neighbour’s porch, but if they would rather come pick it up from me to deliver it 50 feet down the driveway they could. The good Officer let me do it.

Yet another reason to be glad I’m moving.

For Highland, the construction crew dropped off the dirt on the north face of my property so I can terrace the side of my yard properly.

So much going on!

Lastly, we picked up some new lighting for the Liberty house. The chandelier will be in the Dining Room once the floors are done.

There’s a picture of the Pickled Owl sign heading out of Liberty. Going to have to try that place out someday.