An Adventure In Old Home Recovery

August 31st Update

It has been a quiet couple of weeks regarding this project, but that doesn’t mean that they have not been eventful.
While waiting for the contractor to start the joists and girder project, we’ve been working on the Highland house to clean up the wreckage of the car port that was destroyed last November. It’s been quite the story about that as well. Luckily, we’re almost through that epic adventure, just in time for this one to really begin.
Today I spent the day in Liberty measuring all the things. Picked up the mail, and straightened up the tool room. We’re using the Butler’s Pantry to hold all of the tools we’re using so that it is organized and not putting any undue pressure on the first floor since that room is not over the Basement.
The waiting is starting to get to me however. I want to get things done! Of course the cleaning of the paint and wall paper and other things has to be done, so that is getting stuff done, but I’m talking the major projects and moving before it is 2019.
To that end, I’d like to schedule a weekend to fix the back porch and balcony. It will take more than just me to be able to do it. The 2nd floor balcony and roof has to be jacked up and braced, then the 1st floor porch and stairs have to be jacked up and braced so that the posts holding everything up can be replaced since they were originally put directly on to the dirt and have since rotted. To do it right, concrete footings will need to be poured for every post and that will take time to cure, but all the rest of the repairs can be handled while we wait for that time to elapse.
Who is interested? I’m going to set up a poll with a few possible weekends where we can get the most people involved. Plus, if you want to help but not with this part, there’s plenty more to do at the same time.
I’m looking at the Sunday of the weekend so that it doesn’t interfere with SCA events and other plans this month. Who’s with me?
Always more to come, as we continue the project…
Welcome to the month of September!