An Adventure In Old Home Recovery

July 20th Update

The day’s events:

Picked up some more stuff needed from Dollar Tree and the local ACE Hardware.
Went to the Town Hall and figured out the list of Permits I’ll need to get things done.
The Yard Maintenance team showed up and did the requested work on the property. It really looks good now.
I met a neighbor who knows a guy that does carpentry that is interested in and able to work on replacing the joists in the basement. He says he can do it, and is ready to start immediately. Which is more than any other has done since they first saw the project.
I hung up some curtains that I picked up cheap and took down the cabinet doors that need to be fixed or replaced.
I also numbered every joist and measured them to prepare to replace them all…
Lastly, it’s really real. I received the first piece of mail addressed to me at the house!