An Adventure In Old Home Recovery

July 28th Update

There is a Corvid or two that notes when I arrive at the house each time. I hear them cawing to each other.
The front stairs are fixed. Back in place with three support columns on a concrete base. Only the side rails need to be put back on. That’s on the docket for next week.
We opened up the parlor and the kitchen doors. The parlor one was screwed shut. The dead bolt on that door needs to be replaced, but a screw is stripped. We fixed the original deadbolt there, and are using that for the moment. We also added a replacement eye for the outside door hook to use.
The kitchen door has a padlock on it. Need to bolt cut that sucker off since no one has a key. I was able to unscrew the one side of the clasp so the door can swing freely. That is now secured on both the outside and inside doors.
The mud room door can open, but needs a better lock than two hook and eyes and a dead bolt.
Etta stopped by and was able to call a guy to fix the girder and joist problem we have. He offered to do the job. He’ll be available in two weeks, and he believes that it will take three to four weeks to complete. The cost will be $20,000.00 and the house will be able to be used normally without any worry about the floors caving in.
We also uncovered more of the bluestone walkway by cutting back the grass overgrowth that had not been tended to in years.
A Cardinal came to visit us while we worked.
Lou stopped by as well while we were there and may take the old furnace out next week while we’re there. We also made sure he’ll take out the old oil tanks and install a new one with the furnace.
Nick (the neighbor to the left in the blue house) also walked over to chat about the house and told us some of the history.
We braced the girder at the request of Anthony, the guy who is going to do the repair work. He defined the worst section that needed help immediately, so we did it.
Lastly, there was a very angry squirrel in the back yard that I heard screaming from a branch of the second pine tree.
Thoughts not all in order, lots of things going on all at once. Of course, more to come…