An Adventure In Old Home Recovery

October 30th Update

Tuesday Night Project Update:

The stain used on the floor was a two step system, so Æsa and I went over to the house after work tonight to wipe up the excess stain before she could clear coat it with the polyurethane sealant.

Honestly, she had most of it wiped off by the time I got there.

We also discussed wall colors to match the gunstock stain. Thoughts?

I keep forgetting to mention that, the last piece of the paper flooring that we glued down, we did together, and it’s in the shape of a heart. No, we’re not sappy at all…

Before we left for Highland, on a whim we went into the back yard and looked up.

The night was clear and the stars were bright overhead. It was even dark enough that we could see some of the galactic arm.

I think we’re going to really enjoy that back yard during the summer nights once everything is set up.