An Adventure In Old Home Recovery

July 21st Update

Today’s update brought to you by the letters H and D, and the number M.

There was no event today at the house, as it was a day of traveling around doing errands.

The cabinet doors have been safely delivered to Constantine for repairs. Some may not be recoverable. Cindi of the Plunder Sisters has offered to keep an eye out for replacement doors if we need them.

We stopped by Home Depot and checked pricing on the wood needed to order for the joist and girder replacement. Luckily, the Pro Desk was open because the guy took Monday off and was making up the hours today. Otherwise that desk would’ve been closed. I say Kismit. We’re now HD Pro Plus members!

Also, they will take custom orders for lumber. Which is good since we need to replace the 2 8″ x 8″ x 20′ main beams and that’s not found on the rack.

Other good news is that they now sell panes of glass! Also have the replacement pieces for around the window.

I found a door that would be awesome for the front! How inviting is that!?!?

Lastly, began to collect the tools needed for this part of the adventure.

Æsa will be at the house tomorrow to continue reviving the wood from its painted slumber, and maybe attempt to remove the wall paper in the one room, if anyone wants to join in and help her.