An Adventure In Old Home Recovery

October 6th Update

Project Joists Conclusion:

The contractor team finished today. All the joists, and the sub flooring is in place.

We can walk over all the floors on the first level without worry of falling through anymore.

The cabinets in the kitchen appear to have been glued together since I can’t find any visible screws holding them in place. This makes them difficult to move around the room the way we want to. Ultimately, I think these cabinets are destined for the basement, one the basement is ready to be utilized.

We picked out colors for the rooms we want to set up immediately. Painting party to be scheduled soon!

A lot of loose paint scraping and clean up was done today to prep the rooms as well.

The project is paid in full, and the contractor is coming back tomorrow to do some touch up work he noticed during pack up today.

He’s also already offered to help with some of the other projects without contract or payment, just to help out. Really cool.

Sleep now.