An Adventure In Old Home Recovery

August 4th Update

Second day recap:

Started with an adventure up into the “wilds of upstate” known as near the Ashokan Reservoir to pick up a heavy duty scaffold in order to do more work on the house.
Then we drove to Liberty with the thing strapped to the top of the car and took the scenic route past the former towns of Eureka and Neversink.
Once there and unloaded, a trek into town on foot to get breakfast at noon. Æsa already posted about that on her feed. We then picked up provisions to hang more curtains, and then got to work on the house.
We cleaned the fridge in the kitchen and powered it up. It works! Going to let it run and see if it stays working.
We WD-40 sprayed the locks on the windows in the kitchen and were able to get two of them open! Fresh air!
The second dehumidifier in the basement was leaking at the hose connection, so I replaced that with the hose from Highland and it stopped. I’m having both run right now to bring the humidity down as low as possible.
We removed the stripped screw from the deadbolt and were able to replace it with one that we have a key for.
Most of the tools were moved from the Parlor into the Butler’s Pantry to get organized.
We also Murphy’s Oil Soap washed the Dining Room windows and wooden ledge, then followed with lemon oil to start reviving that wood as well.
Lastly, we hung some curtains in the Parlor.
Not physical work related but getting to know the neighbors, we had a nice chat with Jeff from across the street.
Tomorrow we will not be in Liberty, but instead working around Highland and visiting in Connecticut.