An Adventure In Old Home Recovery

October 5th Update

Project Joists update:

Holy Hera. As predicted, two rooms worth of floors had to be removed. Literally. The dry rot, real rot, and flooring damage was not able to be salvaged. But, by the Gods, this contracting team went all gangbusters on it, and the house is still standing! Even without a main girder to hold everything in place. Just for the moment though… a girder will be installed tomorrow.

While that was going on, I started demolishing the Kitchen, er, I mean, rearranging the pieces of Dr. Frankenstein’s IKEA kitchen to possibly be usable until we can afford to create something decent. Who glues standing cabinet units together. I mean, seriously. They were badly screwed into the walls. Isn’t that enough?

I also scraped some more paint off the doors in the kitchen. We will have wood colored wood doors, dammit.

We discovered the water table is just below the concrete floor in the basement. If I ever want an indoor, inground pool, I know where to dig.

They say they will be done on Sunday.

Electric will be restored on Thursday, if not before, depending on the weather.

Plumbing and sewer work will start this week sometime.

The furnace is on a 20 day backorder. I can heat the house with a few space heaters in the interim.

Propane installation needs to be scheduled.

Next up… Painting Party!!