An Adventure In Old Home Recovery

November 4th Update

Sunday Project Update:

Today was a sick day for me. I really do get disoriented by the time change, and with not getting home until 2 am which was 1 am after a long day working in Liberty, I just couldn’t. Plus the added benefit of hitting my toe wrong just made facing the day all that more arduous.

So, Æsa drove us to Liberty and finished the painting of the living room!

I slowly moved the PVC pipes into the basement and started mapping out the schematic for the new and improved sewer, with help and guidance from Marcus. Hopefully we’ll be able to get that rebuilt in the next week or so.

I also discovered that the chimney will need an aluminum flue run in it, since the previous oil burner pipe basically rusted out and when I touched it, fell off and crumbled. If anyone knows where I can get the piping reasonably inexpensive, please let me know! The research we did today showed it as being over $600.00, with no bells and whistles.

Then Æsa drove us home. It doesn’t sound like much, but the walls of the first room are done thanks to Æsa!

Lastly, the drainage pipe for the laundry room can be seen right behind the one cross beam between a set of joists. Seriously, right behind it. That’s a WTF moment.

Until next time…


The dining room and the parlor walls just need touch ups, so those should also be done soon.

I keep being reminded that progress is being made each time. Here’s to more progress!