An Adventure In Old Home Recovery

November 3rd Update

Saturday Project Update:

Today was a day filled with a mix of emotions.
The guy we have installing the furnace won’t run the propane pipes needed in the house, and the propane company said they couldn’t run the pipes in the house for a few weeks, we called a third company to come in an run the pipes. They showed up today and were able to give us a quote of nearly 3k to do the work. Since they also do plumbing I asked about how much it would cost to re-run the PVC sewer system that was cut out during the joist replacement, that Lou said he could do but just has not shown up to do any work since the furnace was dropped off. That quote was almost 7k. That’s 10k we just do not have. The joists tapped us out.

Catherine and Chris arrived after Sid (the guy from the new company left) and we got started on the work list for the day. Eikaterine and I were able to replace the broken window with two new glass panes! We had to clean out all, or at least most of the old caulking to get them to fit, but it worked! And it was an immediate difference in the temperature in the house.
While we worked on that, Æsa started painting the living room a nice sage green color. It’s about 3/4 done.
While she was working on that, Constantine was fixing the outside doors with new piston closing things. There are 4 doors that needed to be done, so he started with the basement door, which was swinging wildly in the breeze prior to his work. Now it stays closed! Then he fixed the front door so it doesn’t slam shut anymore. Then he fixed the kitchen door which had one previously, but needed a new one. Finally he worked on the Parlor door. Everything was fine, or so we thought, until Æsa, Eikaterine, and myself heard Constantine exclaim, “Oh, S%!t!”. Of course we’re curious, and ask if he’s alright. “I’m fine. Not bleeding or anything. But you have to see this.” Now we’re even more curious.
Turns out he attached the piston to the wrong side of the door! Now mind you, the other three doors opened that way. This was the only door to swing the opposite direction. But it was funny!
We needed the laugh.
Took a break for lunch before they had to leave. Afterwards Æsa put the second coat of polyurethane on the floors and we locked up for the night.
A surprise gift, Constantine gave me a time turner. Oh if it would only work!
Home now, after a fun get together over at Gabby’s.