An Adventure In Old Home Recovery

October 23rd Update

Tuesday Update:
New Furnace has been successfully delivered. Only the exhaust vent was dented in the process. It now waits patiently to be installed.
Plumbing may also get done in the next week.
Propane is being scheduled as soon as possible, but that may take a few weeks.
Electrical is still in the works, they have to come back for a third time to finish the wiring job. However, there is now some lighting in the basement, and the Butler’s Pantry is now ready for the washer and dryer with electric sockets for both.
I worked on the Dining Room floor for most of the day when I wasn’t helping the electricians trouble shoot the hall light switch.
The light in the Parlor and in the Half Bath are covered again.
I pulled the trim away from the wall so that the stove will fit in the space correctly. The propane pipe will need to be moved over so the cabinet can be pushed flush up against the wall.
I removed the odd shelf in the Butler’s Pantry after cleaning the room of all the collected tools. Those are now in the Mud Room, organized on shelves. I need to add another shelf or two in order to fit everything, but at least that’s a start.
I put up a curtain over the broken window in the living room until the replacement glass panes are delivered next Wednesday. Finally we will be able to fix that boarded up area.
Æsa finished the Dining Room floor and we spent an hour working on the Living Room floor. We should be able to finish it on Friday, and maybe get the staining done.
Tired now, but back home to rest.
I’ll get more pictures on Friday.