An Adventure In Old Home Recovery

October 20th Update

Saturday Project Update:

Æsa Sturludottir continues to linseed oil the joists.
She discovered the sump pump hose out of the sewer drain again, and caught the water filling up the basement. We added a few more bungee cords to hold it in place. The dehumidifier was giving a P6 error and not running, so the humidity in the basement was around 90 percent. Apparently that error means it wasn’t level since when I set it on the ground to see it better, it started working again. By the time we left today, most of the floor was dry and the percent was down to 85. Once the electric is done on Tuesday, I’ll set the other dehumidifier up to get the basement back under control.
We successfully braced the coal fireplace hearth until we can get it fixed. That took two molly columns, a 2×4, and a brick. Æsa called what I did black magic, but it wasn’t… just some structural finagling.
I did not make it to the roof today. The threat of rain and the amount of wind made it too dangerous, even with harness and ropes.
The lunch break allowed us to discover that there’s an Agway two blocks from the house, and also a pellet stove company within walking distance. Definitely going to check them out.
The bulk of the rest of the day was spent putting paper on the floor in the living room. Part one of the paper bag flooring. We got about half of the surface done. More to do on Monday and Tuesday this week. Hopefully we can have both rooms done by next weekend so that furniture can start being transferred.

We’ll see how much we can get done!