An Adventure In Old Home Recovery

October 12th Update

Thursday’s Project Update:

Busy day for the Liberty Belle. I was able to schedule the electricians to come back in to wire the house. When the joists were installed, all of the wires were removed from the new box and some had to be cut in order to work safely. So they basically had to start from scratch. Worked all day and think they are about 85% done. At this point, some things that were not working are, and some things that were working are not.
There’s a three switch, two light system for the hallways that has been mis-wired that they will need to fix. Currently the hall light switch turns off the plugs in the living room, the other two switches adjust nothing, AND the hall light is wired directly to a circuit breaker. I’m sure it will be an easy fix once I show them the schema.
While they were there, Lou the plumber showed up and I gave him the sketch of my request for the water and sewer pipes. He thinks he can get to it this upcoming week.
Also, Etta our house Yenta stopped by to see the progress and was floored by the floors! She seemed pleased with the progress and glad that she recommended Anthony for the job.
Speaking of Anthony, he stopped by to check on the house and kept asking what is next on the agenda for fixing the house. He’s going to help us on Sunday to get a pellet stove installed in the basement to help heat the place, and keep the basement nice and dry.
However, I found four new leaks in the basement during the rainstorm and marked them with paint. I also found two leaks in the attic, so I have to get on the roof to fix those asap.
I hung up a set of tool shelves in what we’re calling the Mud Room. It holds the long handled tools like shovels and spades and such. I need to put up another set or two for the rest of the tools I have, but it is a start.
I picked up a propane fire unit from a very nice couple in Dutchess county for the livingroom fireplace, and it fits perfectly. Now to get propane installed.
Some of the reclaimed hardwood flooring has been moved out onto the porch so we can walk through the house. Its covered with a tarp for now. We plan to use it in the construction of a matching Vardo. In time. No funds for that quite yet. We’re going to need a better place to store the wood though. Working on that.
Speaking of hardwood flooring, we have a lead on some Maple hardwood to put in the living room and dining room that we’re looking at on Sunday. Stay tuned!
Found out that the cable in the basement got cut as well. Time to call Spectrum to get that wire fixed since I do not have any crimping tools.
Lastly, Æsa came over after work, we walked through the house and discussed all the updates, then went to dinner and home.