An Adventure In Old Home Recovery

September 4th Update

Massive Project Update:
I went to the Liberty house and did all the measuring I could throughout the building. The result is to know every width of molding, window, door, wall, and everything to the inch so that we can plan out where to put all the things!
I was able to get everything but the second floor hallway and stairway measured.
Then it was dinner at Enzo’s in Kingston with Æsa and Jeremy. Jeremy surprised me with a full set of the new Magic the Gathering Un-set. Thank you! They are so cool! He also picked up dinner. Thank you for that too!
Æsa and I went home and we played a few hands of Magic with a few decks I had already made, then called it a night.

Æsa and I went back to Liberty to continue working on the Kitchen. Lots of scraping of paint. In frustration, I grabbed the hand plane and discovered that, if you’re careful, that tool shaves the paint right off of the wood. Freaking awesome!
Made Æsa rethink the process was not futile after all.
Contacted the contractor (Anthony) for the joists job and scheduled a meet up with him that day which didn’t happen due to circumstances beyond his control. He rescheduled for Sunday morning at 9 a.m..
Contacted the contractor (Lou) for the furnace job and asked for a pricing to install a propane furnace instead of an oil burner. Since the stove is propane, and we plan to convert the livingroom fireplace to a high efficiency propane one, we might as well convert the whole house over and get rid of the oil tanks in the basement in the process.
Æsa and i went to see Steve Martin and Martin Short at Bethel Woods because she scored tickets last minute. There was a separate post about that (it was awesome!).
Home 1 am, then thud.

Did I mention we got home at 1 am? Out of the house at 7:30 to meet with Anthony at 9. He had 4 other guys with him to look at the job. The talk was fast and furious about how to fix the joists and girder. So many thoughts about how to do it right and save the place.
They were impressed with the remediation done to the basement already. But so much more has to be done!
I had to go to work, so talk was cut short. Æsa checked out the sights in Middletown while I worked, we had a lunch date at a local Chinese food place I like and then, after work was done, we went home and watched Megamind before sleep.

Monday. Today!

Happy Labor Day! I took the holiday off. Normally for Hunter’s Moon, but this year it’s for the Liberty house.

We went to Middletown since I forgot the leftovers in the fridge at work. But that’s not all we did!

First it was ALDI’s. That store is awesome! But dangerous! Picked up several things we didn’t know we needed, but they so nicely had in stock for us to find!

Then we went to Home Depot and picked up more supplies. We also checked out the range hoods. We’ll be getting one attached to a microwave and have it installed in the kitchen. While there of course, we found the Emperor’s New Refrigerator. Smart Things for the win! And started to discuss how we’re going to work with the kitchen the way it is. (Long story short, we’re not. It’s a fugly failed attempt at a room.)

Moving on…

Then we went to Staples so I could get photocopies of the scaled furniture so we can map all the things.

Then to work to grab the leftovers and then right to Tractor Supply Co. to find a replacement wheel for my grandfather’s wheelbarrow. I’m fairly certain that it is older than I am. I also know I need all the help I can get, so fixing this to be able to mix up good concrete for upcoming plans, so be it!

Finally to Liberty where we spent a few hours removing the green tile from around the coal fireplace, finding a source for replacement tiles, and then discussing the dreaded kitchen.

Actually, we discussed all the rooms. Each one we went through and wrote down what is needed to get ready for use, and also a dream list of everything we’re going to do to the rooms.

Some have much more work to do than others, as expected. Some just need a good cleaning and prep work for repainting and then they are done.

So, if you like painting, I’ll be scheduling painting parties for you to come play at with us!

First though, the joists and girder replacement is tentatively scheduled to start Thursday!

Anthony predicts a week to 10 days turn around time for completion. I’m thinking it may be longer than that, depending on all things considered.

Then the floors that are pulled up during the j&g project will need to be replaced. I’m thinking that maybe Empire Today might be able to cover that project.

After the house is stable, the furnace and plumbing will be tackled. Having running water and working bathrooms will be amazing. With that, the kitchen will also be coming online.

The electric will be fully wired in the house, and the propane installed.

But… I’m getting ahead of myself. Sleep now. Much, much more to do.

Oh, I forgot.. Gwylym.. I found a skeleton playing the banjo at Home Depot!