An Adventure In Old Home Recovery

August 6th Update

Project day three:

Started off driving to Lagrangeville to get 6 buckets full of free fill to be able to fix the grading around the foundation of the house. We’re going to need a ton more, so if anyone has any to spare, let me know!
The weather was brutal today. So hot and humid. Even so, we uncovered a brick and stone patio by the back porch that was overgrown by ground moss.
We then spent the rest of the day working on the wall paper in the one room and sweeping up the piles of discard. Lots of paint and paper to get rid of.
The dehumidifier running in the basement has the relative humidity at 61 to 64 percent. The relative humidity in the house itself was 77 percent today. We’re doing well there.
Tomorrow is another adventure!