An Adventure In Old Home Recovery

August 3rd Update

First day recap:

We mapped out the first floor electric to all of the breakers we could. The living room, main hallway, and dining room are all on one breaker. When the electricians come back, we’re going to see about separating those. The outlets in the Parlor are live. The outlet in the half bath is on. Most of the outlets in the kitchen are on one breaker, except the stove, which has its own, and the dishwasher, which is on with a few other plugs. We are going to ask for the fridge to be on its own breaker if possible.
The over head lights in the Parlor, Bathroom and Kitchen are still inoperable.
The second floor breaker is tied in with the smoke alarms, so every time we switch that breaker, they start screaming. So… going to wait on that. There’s another breaker in the box that isn’t labeled yet that I’m not sure where it goes. We may test that tomorrow…
We met with “Moose”, yes Moose, the field guy for the propane and oil company to see about setting up the stove for use. He suggested we switch everything to propane, so Æsa is sending him a list of questions to answer and requested an estimate of the cost. If that’s cheaper than Lou for the install of the new oil furnace, we’re going to go with that. We also discussed making the living room fireplace into a propane one for light and heat since the chimney is blocked off in the attic anyway.
We picked up a torch lamp at ACE that was very Victorian looking and the screw removal bit set needed to get stripped screws out. I’m sure we’ll be using them a lot.
I found two major leaks in the basement foundation during the rainstorm today. With extending the one new gutter out by 18″, the one went from a waterfall to a slight trickle. Just need to patch the rock wall on the outside and inside to seal that up. The other one may need more work since its under the front porch. I think that once the porch is fixed to the correct slope and angle, the gutters there will stop that leak, and rock patching to seal that will make the basement much more dry.
Lastly, we picked up a garbage can and recycling bin from Lowe’s on the way back to Highland. They honestly had a better selection than Home Depot.
Tomorrow, is another adventure!