An Adventure In Old Home Recovery

July 14th Update

House Work update:
Upstairs toilet has a working seat. It can now be used without worry of splinters.
We were worried about the first floor walkway taking so much use after being ignored for too long that we braced several broken joists with a 2x8x8 and two floor jacks until we can get the joists replaced.
Much of the woodwork was dosed with Murphy’s oil and the shine can be seen starting to come back. That will take many more feedings to get the chestnut wood back.
Met with the lawn mower man and scheduled yard work for next week.
Heather showed a carpenter the basement while we were getting supplies from the nearby Home Depot. Hoping to get joist help as soon as possible.
I did not get the living room rug cut up and removed as I had originally thought to do, but making it safer to walk around was more important.

Time to clean all the things!